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Based out of the Lower Mainland, SLAP Marketing and Communications
is a full service marketing and public relations firm specializing in
tourism, farm-to-plate, and lifestyle.

Our in-depth industry knowledge enables us to quickly assess
our clients’ needs and provide a wide range of services.

Our Philosophy

We are a group that is young at heart and daring in thought, edgy enough to get noticed in today’s inundated world.

From the lattè-holding hipster to the energetic zoomer, we love media and influencers of all ages and backgrounds, and, given their unique perspectives, their stories take a different slant. We speak in the vernacular, are approachable, and exude energy in our messages. We imagine that we are out for coffee with the people we speak to, translating to high-fives, hugs, and depth of conversation. It’s how businesses get attention and can share a personality in today’s times. Public Relations has experienced a paradigm shift and by making brands feel approachable, we facilitate a higher level of engagement and brand loyalty.


  • workshops and speaking engagements  
  • marketing and communications strategy
  • crisis communications
  • visual branding
  • media relations and influencer outreach
  • event marketing
  • integrated social media campaigns: content creation and distribution
    • photography and videography
    • branded content
    • stories
  • web development and digital marketing
  • copy-writing

Meet the Team

Summer Dhillon


Summer is our leader for all things pr and marketing.

Her outrageous ideas, although challenging, trademark her style and she should come with a warning label saying “I am a hugger. Beware!” Driven by results (her husband and children always tell her she is addicted to way too much screen time), her go-getter attitude has her up late at nights creating new campaigns. This girl knows what she wants and how to get it!

On the flip side, she has a love for academia and has earned a few degrees—to be honest, she would be a career student if she could– but poverty just isn’t an option. Summer also loves to advocate that tourism creates world citizenship and is a strong supporter of the ‘buy local’ food movement. Put it together and you have a strong focus on tourism, food, and lifestyle.

Addicted to lattés, all things glitter, and designer purses, despite her high-maintenance ways, you’ll be glad that you met her.

Samantha Lenz

Communications Specialist

Samantha is a copywriting and journalist, by trade, turned pr & communications extraordinaire.

Sometimes known to make too many inappropriate jokes and get herself in some interesting situations with her dry sense of sarcasm, you’ll be sure to have a few good laughs when you’re with her. Can’t forget to add when she’s not busy writing or working on social media posts, she is consumed with far too many tantrums, diaper changes, and cold cups of coffee.

Sam has a horrible addiction to reality television (yes, every single Real Housewives show), to reciting each Friends episode. With a multitude of degrees ranging from English to the Liberal Arts, Sam is ready to take on the world one key-stoke at a time. With over a 100 wpm skill set… it’s no surprise how she has a way with words!

Cristina Puno

Digital Strategist

Cris is our digi master. As a busy wife and momma, she has been working in the IT Industry for more than 15 years.

From working at eBay to, this woman gets the complex online world! When she’s not consumed by the calls of her computer and kids, and if you listen closely, you’ll hear her blaring out some sick shower tunes.

With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically battles each day, one digital design at a time!

Claire Petherick

Graphic Designer

Claire is a visual communications specialist with a passion for design, an eye for detail, and an Australian accent.

When she’s not wielding the black magic of Adobe’s creative suite or grappling with the minutia of web development, she is most likely wrangling a delightful but demanding preschooler, and possibly wishing she was out on her mountain bike or skis enjoying BC’s breathtaking mountains.

Claire has been flexing her creative flair for as long as she can remember. Drawing, painting, poster making or embellishing school projects; Claire was all over it. *Several* decades, a Bachelor of Industrial Design, and a wealth of experience later and she is now in her element, crafting print and digital solutions for a variety of clients, delivering their brand messages in meaningful and engaging ways.

Auriel Niven

Graphic Designer

Auriel is a marketing enthusiast with a whole whack of experience who loves doing design work.

Known to, randomly, salsa at long table dinners and whose tongue-in-cheek humour comes in very handy when writing copy, Auriel also has a softer side where she enjoys good food, wine, and company.

Currently lives in New West with a pack of 4-legged piranhas (chihuahuas) and a pretty cool dude.