Strategic Marketing is an ongoing process of planning and executing the 5 P’s of the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion and people). It’s about taking a product or service and getting the word out so that sales increase. It starts with a vision, knowing your industry through market research and/or a competitive analysis, developing a customized and strategic plan, developing a brand which encompasses a logo and a story and then choosing effective tactics to get your messaging out-i.e. e-marketing, advertising, media relations, social media or direct marketing are just a few examples.

SLAP won’t reinvent the wheel– we’ll simply make the wheel turn, and help you generate as many new clients as you can handle.

Guerilla Marketing is about matching wits, not budgets. This term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerilla Marketing: Secrets for Making Big Profits for Your Small Business, in 1984. Guerrilla marketing involves unusual approaches in public places, street product giveaways and PR stunts. It’s about engaging the consumer and creating a memorable brand experience.

The message is sent directly through interaction—people actually talking to people. We want to strike a responsive chord with your consumers, build confidence and convince them of your value.

Branding is an integral step for any company in today’s marketplace. We take time to listen to ‘who you are’, formulate a strategy that captures your personality and then we start writing your story. Our goal is to design the perfect logo-mark and brand design that captures your energy. SLAP offers a full range of brand development services – name development, strategic brand development, logo-mark design and collateral.

Public Relations (PR) can be largely misunderstood. Although it’s about image, it’s not about glamour. PR is simply a powerful marketing tool that assists with brand retention. A black & while half-page ad, published midweek in a national newspaper, costs anywhere between $1000-1500, but editorial costs nothing more than the billable time it took to pitch the story to the media. PR is about telling your story so well that others endorse your message. If you don’t have a story—don’t worry–we’ll create one.

Where else are the results of PR sees aside from article placement? Product reviews. When you read a restaurant review, take note of a pair of earrings in a holiday gift guide, or observe a celebrity wearing the latest fashion designs, you’re witnessing the direct results of a PR campaign. For service industries, the power is built in a layering effect- it heightens visibility, adds a layer of credibility and commands viewers and listeners to pay attention. With your campaign, SLAP will prepare your media kit, write and circulate new releases and pitch the media so the stories keep coming in.

In your honour, to celebrate a new idea or product, we get to throw an amazing party! Just think the perfect venue, fine wine, bite-sized canapés and the arrival of the ‘who’s who’. We coordinate every single detail in a professional and timely manner, so you can concentrate on operations and the bigger picture. We promise to make you look good and get you the exposure that you need.

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